Will A $38 Million Loss Result In More Prudential Disability Insurance Claim Denials?

Prudential is not very happy right now and disability claimants may suffer as a result. Prudential’s group insurance division, which includes long-term disability insurance policies, reported a 2012 first quarter loss of $38 million compared to a gain of $39, million a year ago. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Prudential‘s chief executive said, “the company is “moving aggressively to correct” the “clear performance issues” that emerged in the first quarter in the company’s disability-income insurance business.”

What Can A Disability Claimant Expect From Prudential?

As a disability insurance law firm that has handled hundreds of Prudential disability claim denials, we are very concerned as to how Prudential plans to “aggressively” correct their $38 million loss. Our prediction is that Prudential will be performing very detailed reviews of claimants that are currently receiving benefits. It would not be surprising to see an increase in video surveillance and request for claimants to attend compulsory medical exams. Any Prudential disability claimant should pay close attention to the handling of their claim and assume that Prudential will be targeting them. The number of claims denials for disability applications is likely to increase.

If you are a Prudential claimant and it has been more than three months since you have visited your treating physician, then this may be a perfect time to schedule a follow up appointment. At the doctor visit, you must make sure that your doctor documents all of your complaints and limitations. Always assume you are being videotaped by Prudential.

Here is a link to read Prudential’s first quarter 2012 financial results official press release.

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