Hurricane Sandy Causes Problems for NJ Resident Seeking Prudential Disability Insurance Benefits

Prudential Disability Insurance Company has their national headquarters in New Jersey. There are thousands of disabled individuals that are receiving short term or long term disability benefits from Prudential every month. Unfortunately, many of these claimants have suffered significant losses as result of Hurricane Sandy. Many of these claimants will be unable to treat with their doctors for several weeks or months as a result of damage to their doctor’s office or the inability to get to their doctor’s office. We were recently contacted by a Prudential disability insurance claimant that has had her long term disability benefits denied and she is unable to get any additional medical information to Prudential as a result of damage to her doctor’s office and a lack of transportation.

Please click here to read about her horrific experience with Prudential Insurance Company.

How To Protect Your Disability Insurance Benefits Following Hurricane Sandy

As disability attorneys that represent disabled individuals throughout the country and a national headquarters in Hollywood, Fl, we have worked with hundreds of clients that have had to experience a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy. Disability insurance companies understand the seriousness of a natural disaster, yet they still do not relax their standard disability insurance claim requirement. It is important for anyone receiving disability benefits to reschedule any doctor appointments that were cancelled. If there are claim forms due to a disability company, then you should request at least a 30-45 day extension from your disability company. If you have been displaced from your home then you should advise the disability company of a new address as soon as possible. If your claim was denied prior to Hurricane Sandy, it is essential that you contact the disability company in writing and request at least a 60 day extension.

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