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How long do I have to be disabled before I can file a claim for social security disability benefits?

How long on an average does it take to get approved for a claim from when a claimant files his/her initial applications for social security disability?

Social security has a duration of requirement. You have to have disability that lasts or is expected to last at least a month, excuse me, at least a year. If a person is out of work for let’s say, only a couple of days, they can file for disability but social security has to make a determination as to whether that disability will last or is expected to last at least a year or result till death.

So, from the time someone initially files until they reach a decision, the first level, how long does that usually take?

That can take on an average anywhere from 3 to 5 months, it could take less, it could take more.

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I am a fifty-one-year-old year old epileptic. I also have out of control diabetes and have been seeing a pysichatrist now for some months because of what has been classified as a severe mood disorder. I am on three anti-mood drugs that do not seem to be doing the job as to making me better. I have recently been in a mental health unit at a veteran’s hospital and may be going back gain soon. I have been an epileptic since I was twenty-one and had my first seizure while I was in the navy. Do you believe that I can be described as disabled because the medications and treatments do not seem to be effective? I hope this is enough information.

Attorney Greg Dell:


It would be in your best interest to apply at this time.

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