Federal lawsuit against Hartford Insurance alleges company refuses to pay disabled Patriot Act analyst

A Federal lawsuit filed in United States District Court Southern District of Florida accuses the Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company of breaching its contract with Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) and a BB&T employee. Filed by noted disability insurance law firm Dell and Schafer, the suit states that Hartford is refusing to pay benefits to the employee, a U.S. Patriot Act/Anti-Money Laundering Analyst. The refusal by The Hartford violates the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, commonly referred to as ERISA.

The lawsuit states that Hartford claims the analyst is capable of working, despite a medical diagnosis of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease and migraine headaches. The analyst has been unable to perform one or more of the essential duties of her occupation due to her condition since June of 2006. While Hartford initially agreed to pay the claim, the company reversed its decision, stating that the analyst can continue to work. Doctors, however, say that the analyst is completely disabled under the terms of the Hartford policy.

According to the lawsuit, the analyst and her employer paid premiums to Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company per the terms of the contract, and followed all policies and procedures in submitting the claim. At all times the analyst has been and remains disabled and is entitled to Long Term Disability Benefits under the terms of the policy. While the Social Security Administration approved her disability benefits, Hartford refuses to advise the analyst, or her attorneys, what additional information is needed for the claim to be honored. As a result of Hartford’s refusal to honor its legally binding contract with the analyst, the analyst has been forced to retain legal counsel to represent her in this matter.

The plaintiff seeks entry of judgment against Hartford for damages including but not limited to past due contractual benefits, future benefits, interest, and attorney fees.

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  • KCC, I am sorry to not only hear about the issues you’re having with Hartford but the cause of them. What you are experiencing is all too common with Hartford (and most insurance carriers) in that a benefit is contingent on providing satisfactory “proof of loss” for them to issue the benefit- what that “proof” is can be a grey area. It is very common that psychiatrists/mental health providers do not release session noted due to privacy concerns. Do you know if that is the case with your doctors/providers? If so, the “more” information they may be in need of our those session notes. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 28, 2022  #13

  • What exactly are our rights regarding short/ long term disability claims? My child attempted suicide and barely survived. This has left my family and I severely traumatized. I left work mid October and have only received half of a payment. My board certified Psychiatrist took me out of work for PTSD, Major Depression, Severe Anxiety, Insomnia on top of my autoimmune disorders. All my analyst says is they need more info from my Psychiatrist? My Doctor completes their claim forms with me present and they are still dragging their feet. At this point they owe me over $7,000 in payments & counting. All of this is exacerbating my symptoms. Now I get to add battling finances to my list. Is there a way to get The Hartford investigated for how they treat their clients?

    KCC Dec 26, 2022  #12

  • C.S., I am sorry to hear how the Hartford has treated you. We assist people in challenging their denials of benefits. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can learn more about your claim.

    Alex Palamara Oct 26, 2022  #11

  • I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I cant control mood disorders and whatnot. It’s affecting me in so many ways. My doctor stated on the forms everything, but this company kept acting as if they never received them. They never even would tell me. And they were so dismissive on the phone with me. I hope someone listens to those calls. They even laughed about my disorder saying they were denied too.. But this was before I was denied. So they knew they would deny this claim. I feel like they were bullying me and just wasting time so that I would give up. I can’t believe the number of people who are going through this. I am so glad this site found me. I have been in tears every day and just as I was at least cooking dinner again, they triggered all of these symptoms again. They are partially responsible for my disorder getting worse. I am now prescribed medicine.

    C.S Oct 25, 2022  #10

  • Joseph, it is unlikely that you are entitled to any punitive or extra contractual damages due to the mistake. However, you may request that they pay you interest on the sum they mistakenly underpaid.

    Cesar Gavidia Oct 14, 2022  #9

  • I have been receiving long term disability payments for about 12 years and in August of 2020 I received a letter from them stating they made a mistake or a miscalculation as they called it and I was underpaid $100,000 over a 10 year period, so my question is are there any legal action such as punitive damages that I can take against them , because over those years I went through some severe financial set backs, I lost my home and car plus I had to file bankruptcy and I’m still struggling, now they did give me the money but I used the money to pay off a lot debt that had accrued over the years not to mention the taxes, normally the taxes on the money they paid me just a few hundred dollars a year so I kept out what I thought was a fair amount but I was way off, I got hit with a $22,000 tax bill so I paid what I could , but now I’m looking at filing bankruptcy again, I feel the Hartford should accept some of the responsibility for some of what I have been through which I feel is due to negligence on their part.

    Joseph B. Oct 13, 2022  #8

  • I Have experience aggression for filing a Complaint after seeking information on coverage a Broker pretend to be Hartford Insurance on Certificates for Liability coverage. I was seeking information for reasons one Called Insurance Fraud when one found a Cemetery sold Graves without proper Application with the State of Illinois Comptroller. Hartford Insurance through a lawyer sent message for me to cease & desist refusing to inform me how was Hartford doing business with a Cemetery that was a vendor for Cook County while the Broker who arranged the Insurance was a subcontractor agreeing to take on the same responsibility as the Cemetery it Insured and conceal such a relationship. Hartford choose to remain silent and not share what was being covered while Insuring a Cemetery April, 2011 through April, 2018.

    This is serious when Persons have made Purchases cannot find out what form of Insurance did Hartford provided Coverage on.

    Marketa Jul 19, 2022  #7

  • I’m from NC. Hartford refused to pay me for LTD,! My finances are in shambles! I filed a claim in December 21 it was denied, after I had surgery!Im returning to work in a few months, hopefully! This so wrong!

    Rosemary Jun 21, 2022  #6

  • The Hartford is completely Hartless! Have been battling them for several years for my benefits. Now they refuse to provide an updated copy of my file as ERISA law dictates. I believe it is because they do not think they they can gather the information together without sending me another claimant’s as they have done in the past. Do not trust them to not share your Personal Health Information (PHI) as protected by HIPPA. They sent me 40-50 pages of another person’s information that lives several states away from me. On 1/14/2022, I received this snippet of email from a manager of my claims analyst === “Lastly, from what I understand, you had previously mentioned that you had received another claimants information? I submitted a request to have your file investigated and they had concluded that there was no record of such breach of protected information found to where we sent you another claimants information nor did we send your information out to another claimant. Should you have received such information, I would ask that you immediately shred this documentation which is apart of our policy.” === I cannot destroy the media with these files because they have yet to send me a complete set of my records on file. This claim’s manager accuses me of fabricating this incident. But that same day I received a call from another employee in consumer affairs department acknowledging that another claimant’s information was sent to me. Notified The Hartford in 8/2021, but don’t think that they notified the other claimant. I think that the government or some independent third party should go in an audit all of the Hartford’s release of records. How am I to trust that they have not released my information to an unauthorized person… Just because they say so. The Hartford has some very serious integrity issues. The claim’s analyst would not send me a copy of the questions sent to my doctor’s because she did not want me to change some dates! I think The Hartford’s mishandling of so many claimants data and claims is ripe for a class action lawsuit.

    SJ Jan 15, 2022  #5

  • Elexandria, you need to appeal the denial of your claim. I don’t recommend you hire an attorney as you will pay them more than you will recover.

    Rachel Alters Sep 17, 2020  #4

  • I was approved my disability leave by my doctor and Hartford refused to pay me for my month off. My claim analyst was extremely hard to get ahold of then closed my claim. I am now in the hole 900 dollars because I needed to take time for my mental health. They got all their info they needed, I don’t know what to do and I hope someone can help. I am at a low right now.

    Elexandria A. Sep 17, 2020  #3

  • This seems to be standard operating procedure for Hartford. Several coworkers were treated likewise. My LTD was started and before 2 years was up – they forced me onto the government’s SSDI payroll. I even told the people at the SS office. My LTD benefits with the Hartford were to end at the age of 65 according to my contract. Sounds like a case of abandoning their contractual responsibility and forcing the government to do it instead.

    Gloria Anderson May 17, 2014  #2

  • My husband is disabled with brain cancer. We have been fighting with Hartford for a year about his LTD. They finally started to pay us again, only to come up with another reason to decrease the amount and tell us they “overpaid” us and now we owe them money.

    Deana Henderson Jun 1, 2011  #1

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