• Did Disability Insurance Claims Examiner Understand A Physician's Job Duties? (Ep. 22)

Did UNUM insurance disability claims examiner understand physician’s job duties?

This video is a small portion of the video-taped trial testimony of a Unum long term disability employee. The deposition was completed on behalf of our client by attorney Gregory Michael Dell.

This Unum employee was the claims examiner responsible for making the decision to deny long term disability benefits to a board certified general surgeon. As a result of her denial of disability benefits this case resulted in a jury trial and subsequent verdict in favor of our client.

The disability policy defined disability as the inability to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation. Our client’s occupation was as a general surgeon and he was disabled due to a back condition.

The Unum claims examiner denied benefits to our client, despite the fact that she had virtually no idea of the requirements necessary for him to perform any of his surgical procedures, including procedures such as an appendectomy or gall bladder removal. This Unum employee should have taken the time to learn the job requirements of a general surgeon before she wrongfully denied his disability benefits.

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