Disability insurance carrier cuts veterinarian’s benefits after paying for 9 years

Our Client, a veterinarian, suffering from fibromyalgia was was receiving long-term disability benefits for 9 years, when his disability carrier decided to stop paying him. Not only did his carrier decide to stop paying, but they sued him in Federal Court for 9 months of back benefits that they paid under a reservaton of rights.

In response to the Carriers unreasonable actions, we filed a counter-suit for breach of contract and demanded reinstatement of the policy. The carrier agreed that our client was suffering from Fibromyalgia, however the carrier felt that the our client could return to work after nine years and practice as a full-time Veterinarian.

After several months of litigation and depositions of our client, his treating physicians, the carrier’s doctors, the insurance carrier’s claim handler, and the carrier’s director of disability income claim, the insurance carrier entered into a confidential lump-sum buyout agreement with our client.

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