Dentist wins appeal and UNUM Provident pays disability benefits

Dell & Schaefer was able to successfully procure a settlement for a dentist whose disability benefits from UNUM Provident were terminated after 7 months of treatment and chemotherapy for pancreatic carcinoma. UNUM Provident based its denial on the fact that our client returned to work, in a very limited capacity, after the carcinoma appeared to be contained and under control. However, while our client was able to spend a few hours in the office reviewing charts, looking at x-rays and consulting with the other dentist, the ongoing effects of the disease and treatment continued to prevent him from practicing the substantial and material duties of a chair-side dentist.

We filed a written appeal with UNUM Provident which included an extensive summary of our client’s medical history, dental practice, restrictions and limitations. Attached to the Appeal were exhibits supporting our position, including medical records, letters from his doctors and records from his dental practice.

Upon receipt of the Appeal, legal counsel from UNUM Provident contacted this office in an effort to resolve the claim. Our attorneys remained firm in their opinion regarding the value of this claim and it was ultimately settled for an amount that greatly pleased our client.

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