Dell & Schaefer files lawsuit against Cigna in Hawaii to secure short and long-term disability benefits on behalf of pharmaceutical sales representative

Our client, a pharmaceutical sales representative, was recently denied benefits by her carrier, Cigna, despite clear medical documentation of several severe medical problems that prevent her from performing the duties of her occupation.

Once Attorneys Dell & Schaefer had been retained, we discovered that Cigna had based its denial of disability benefits on three pieces of paper from only one of her three treating doctors. Cigna determined that our client’s vasculitis, idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue were not severe enough to support her claim for disability benefits.

Attorneys Robert Kerr and Gregory Dell at Dell & Schaefer submitted an Appeal to Cigna containing all of our client’s medical records in an effort to secure our client’s benefits without having to pursue a lawsuit. This information included notes from her primary care physician, the hospital where she received chemotherapy, and her rheumatologist. The rheumatologist was and continues to be the specialist primarily responsible for her care and treatment of the disabling conditions.

Despite the clear evidence of disability in the medical records and clear statements by her doctors in support of her claim for short-term disability benefits, Cigna denied the Appeal and determined that our client is not entitled to disability benefits. As a result of this disability denial, Attorneys Dell & Schaefer filed a lawsuit against Cigna within 2 days of the final short-term disability denial. Additionally, Attorneys Dell & Schaefer continues to work with the client in order to submit her application for long-term disability benefits.

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