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Dearborn Group Disability Insurance Claims

Disability claimants are often seeking information regarding Dearborn Group (formerly Dearborn National) long term disability reviews. We have created a forum where insurers can post reviews and comments about Dearborn National/Dearborn Group short term and long term disability claims. Our attorneys respond to most comments posted by our visitors.

Founded in 1969, Dearborn National/Dearborn Group, formerly known as Fort Dearborn Life Insurance, Fort Dearborn Life Insurance Company of New York offers employee benefits including group life and disability insurance products throughout the US. Its products also include annuities, dental plans, discount prescription drug programs, and critical illness benefit plans. Dearborn National/Dearborn Group also offers individual life insurance and annuity products.

Dearborn National/Dearborn Group brand companies are licensed in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. Dearborn National/Dearborn Group has reported net revenues of nearly $1.4 billion, total assets of nearly $3.7 billion and shareholder’s equity of more than $670 million.

Dearborn National/Dearborn Group’s parent company is Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, (HCSC) is one of the largest non-investor owned health care insurance provider in the United States and the fourth largest overall.

Its sister company is Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company. Colorado Bankers Life underwrites individual life, accident, critical illness and annuity products, distributed primarily through payroll deduction, federal, postal and military allotments, state and local government payroll systems and individual bank draft billing.

Preferred Financial Corporation is the parent company of Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company (CBL) and acts as an insurance agency for, and contracts with, the producers selling CBL products.

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  • Hello, I had surgery on November 17, 2021. My employer sent my short-term disability application to Dearborn on November 24, 2021. I had to initially wait because I was still receiving earnings from my district, however, they finally contacted me on December 27, 2021, requesting documentation to support my claim. I did not receive the info because my address was wrong in the system. I contacted them to advise and they updated my information. I submitted my info on January 7, 2022, and have to call them every day to check the status of my claim. After numerous calls, they submitted the request to my PCP about medical records which my doctor submitted on January 25, 2022.

    Now that this is done, I continue to wait and not receive any earnings which are making me financially vulnerable to pay my bills. They also have a portal that they tell you you can send information to, but they do not respond to it. EVER. I contacted them yesterday on the phone with an update and all they could say was that a 270 area code would call me but they do not know when. This is frustrating because I have been paying into this policy all to be treated like I do not matter.

    My question is, what is the waiting period? How long should I wait before I take action on this claim? What is the protocol? I ask this because this is my first time on STD and I am unsure of the process or time frame. Any advice would be great.

    Danielle Jan 28, 2022  #76

  • Zondreia, I am sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. Please contact us so that we can learn more about this situation.

    Jay Symonds Jul 20, 2020  #75

  • Hi, my question that I have been name beneficiary of policyholders spouse passed away. They did nothing at all aunnity get runner a all time.

    Zondreia H. Jul 20, 2020  #74

  • Hugh, we are not affiliated with Dearborn National, but rather are attorneys who help people who have had their disability benefits denied. If you have a question regarding the issuance of your check you will need to contact Dearborn National directly.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 3, 2020  #73

  • How come our checks have started coming 2 to 3 days after the last day of the month?

    Hugh R. Mar 3, 2020  #72

  • I filed for Short Term Disability on 9/19 and waited my two week grace period. To date I have been paid $753.

    I have called nearly everyday/week only to be told “ You’re not sick enough if you’re only seeing your doctor once a month” when I told them I see my therapist every Monday, they were shocked (Did they not read my paperwork or release of information??) So… They asked for my therapist notes, which were Faxed Monday 11/11 and again 11/13 in which I have fax confirmation sheets.

    I called each day to be told they “ didn’t receive them” and “ just because you have a fax confirmation doesn’t mean we received them on our end” (whaaat?) Not only am I trying to deal with anxiety/panic attacks and get myself better, now I have to deal with an incompetent system, leading to being broke. Ridiculous.

    Mel S Nov 16, 2018  #71

  • Crissy, this is certainly an unfortunate circumstance. Typically at the outset of a claim the carrier will send the claimant a form to complete if the claimant would like taxes withheld. You should be sure to make that adjustment with Dearborn for 2018 and beyond.

    Jay Symonds Feb 27, 2018  #70

  • I have been in contact with Dearborn since my father went out of work in 2016. He had a massive heart attack and three stents put in and one artery that was too small for the doctor to get too. Also he is congestive heart failure and his heart is only working 45%. Now that tax time is here, we have just found out that Dearborn was supposed to be taking taxes out of my fathers pay each month but they never said anything to me or my father when we have been talking to them for that long. Now my father is in a bind and has to pay about 1300+ in taxes bc of their mistake.

    Crissy Feb 26, 2018  #69

  • Karl,

    I am sorry to hear of your issues with Deaborn. Please contact us at once so that we can review the denial and see if we can help you with an appeal or a lawsuit.

    Alex Palamara Feb 10, 2018  #68

  • I’m dealing with them right now, I had a very extensive hip replacement, I chose the Cleveland Clinic because they are one of the best in the nation.

    I was unable to put any pressure on my leg for 8 weeks, the surgeon has me returning to work around 6 months. I have 6 weeks left for my return to work date, now Dearborn has stopped payment, giving me the run around.

    With the amount of stories here, why hasn’t someone filed a class action lawsuit?

    Karl Feb 9, 2018  #67

  • Pauline, have you already submitted your appeal of the Short Term Disability denial? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 16, 2017  #66

  • HCSC@DEARBORNNATIONALCLAIMS has been a complete nightmare. They could not come up with a true reason to deny my short term disability so they sent a letter with an incomplete address and called me to tell me and said my employer sent them the incorrect address… They are partners. Now I am stuck without the use of a limb, no pay, and my “employer” won’t help me either. I have gone above and beyond and even gathered information myself and made sure everyone had it. I feel like they don’t appreciate or value or care for me.

    Pauline J. Jan 13, 2017  #65

  • James,

    Their principal place of business is in Illinois.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 10, 2015  #64

  • Where is Dearborn National’s long disability located?

    James Shewbart, Jr. Sep 9, 2015  #63

  • I appealed to have my group life insurance premiums waved through dearborn, due to disability. The denied my appeal. They said it doesn’t matter if the government social security administration fins me disabled. What a stand up company. Be very careful of this insurance company.

    Kim Bourgeois Aug 11, 2015  #62

  • Gloria,

    You can certainly submit your appeal, but if you were required under law to submit the appeal within 180 days of the denial there does stand a chance Dearborn National can refuse to accept it.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 17, 2015  #61

  • I was had long term disability with Dearborn National for 4 years but they terminated my contact in March 2013 and I never appealed it. Is there still a chance to appeal now? I still think I was wrongfully denied benefits. I wish I had known about you all then. I try to find a lawyer to take my case.

    Gloria Brennen Mar 16, 2015  #60

  • Terry,

    If your policy was offered through your employer I would contact HR to find out how premiums were to be paid. It is not too often that premiums are the sole responsibility of the employee. Furthermore, if you were responsible for the payment of premiums during the STD period- premiums are typically waived.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 31, 2014  #59

  • I was terminated from my employment in March 2014. I asked to go on company disability which happened to be Dearborn National. They paid for 6 months of Short Term but rejected the Long Term portion, claiming that I neglected to make the payments. I was allowed to have COBRA for my health care policy but I opted for a premium under the Affordable Care Act, subsidized because of my wife’s and my income. I also had AFLAC Supplemental Accident, Cancer and Hospitalization which I opted to continue after they sent me statements in the mail for my notification that I could continue these plans on my own. Dearborn sent me many letters, claiming that they were looking in to my case and asking for things; unfortunately, premiums were not one of the things they asked for. They then used this to deny my claim, stating that I had 31 days from the time of my termination to continue the payments. This seems very deceptive to me and I would like to appeal. Do I have a case?

    Terry Newton Oct 30, 2014  #58

  • Sharon,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in appealing Dearborn’s denial of your claim for benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 2, 2014  #57

  • I have had neck surgery and back surgeries and several other surgeries, I also have an autoimune disorder. Dearborn turned down my LTD claim several months ago with no good explanation.

    Now I had to hire a lawyer to help me get my SS disability. I was making 50,000.00 or more a year, why would I give that up if I was able to work? Now I am in dire straits and I don’t kow what else to do. I have just about run through my retirement money.

    Can you please help me?

    Sharon Pine Denstel Oct 1, 2014  #56

  • Gwen,

    If you are under partial disability, then the carrier can request financial information in order to determine the applicable benefit amount. Passive income from investments is typically not considered Earned Income for purposes of computing benefits under a disability policy. Additionally, some Policies indicate that if an overpayment is made based on the error of the insurance company it will not affect the company’s right to seek reimbursement. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation further.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 24, 2014  #55

  • I have been on LTD for a while and it is set to expire January, 2016. Lately I’ve had a barrage of information requests sent to me by my claims agent. Last month my check was late and she said it was because she sent my “File to our CPA to do a financial review. This is done periodically to be sure we’ve paid you correctly.” This month after receiving my check, I am being asked to provide my 2013 tax return including all schedules and 1099’s to make sure they payed me the proper amount in 2013. I had sent them all paystubs from temporary work, so I don’t see why this is necessary. I am nervous because I feel they could say they over-paid me, which has happened before when they miscalculated my initial monthly payment and were paying me 60% of my pre-disability wages as opposed to 50%. This mistake of theirs ended up with them demanding I repay them over $3000 immediately. My 2013 tax return will show all the pay information they already have, however it will also show a small amount of income from some investments given to me in the past by my family. I’m afraid they are going to use this income against me. It is fairly small, and it is from investments that I had pre-disability. They’ve never asked for any info regarding additional investments before, so I haven’t been hiding anything from them. I feel like they’ve been poking around lately in order to find a reason to discontinue my benefits, so I’m worried this may be the reason they’ve been looking for. I’ve been trying to find out if their request for my tax return is allowable, and if so, is having investments with dividends going to get me in trouble with them?

    Gwen Sep 23, 2014  #54

  • RPM,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further. Most employer provided disability policies allow for the offset of a disability benefit based on receipt of Worker’s Compensation or disability cause in part by the negligence of a third party (the MVA case). Depending on the language in the policy it may allow them rather broad authority to make those determinations.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 20, 2014  #53

  • I am a 47 year old male and have had four back surgeries. My lumbar is fused from L1-S1. Before my last back surgery I was working as a HVAC/R tech and have been doing so since 1990. I have been working since age 16 and over the years started with back pain then having surgery in ’97,’99,’09 & ’12. While working I was injured in automoblie accident which cause neck injury. After wreck I still worked and was going thru physical therapy for neck. My back pain had was getting hard to deal which had no injury caused by wreck so my doctor advised surgery on L1-L2 fusion (my fourth surgery), doctor said I should be able to return to work in six months.

    Since 4/10/12 (surgery) I have been disabled due to failed back syndrome and chronic back pain. On 10/17/13 I went through neck surgery for and had fusion on c5-c6 of neck. My back surgeries was under my health insurance and neck surgery was under worker’s comp. My accident occurred on 9/6/11 which I never got paid worker’s comp. I was on STD then LTD from back disability, always under care of multiple doctors for back. I had hired an attorney for my work injury and also always kept Dearborn notified about my situation. I have never made a claim for my neck with LTD which they are now claiming an over payment since I received a settlement, I am not disabled for neck injury but still disabled for back.

    They have stopped my LTD pending investigation, they have been sent all info from settlement three months ago and I have not received a decision. Yesterday I received a form for my doctor to fill out again to see if I qualify for benifits for two year evaluation. I don’t see the point since my payments have stopped going on four months now. My attorney for wreck does not practice in disability law and he advised me to seek an disability attorney.

    I have done every thing I was supposed to do and now, like many others, Dearborn LTD is taking advantage of a person who struggles every day. If it was not for my wife and daughter I wish that living in pain daily from back plus neck would come to an end. I have a miserable life! Dearborn claims examiners only care about making bonuses and fat pay checks because they take advantage of human beings!

    RPM Sep 19, 2014  #52

  • Rachel,

    You have had quite a fight with Dearborn, and from reading on our website you know you are not alone. Please feel free to contact our office anytime should you have any questions regarding your claim or need assistance.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 7, 2014  #51

  • I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, Sjogren’s autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, Meneirs disease, chronic pancreatitis, chronic bilateral tinnitus, migraine, Fuch’s corneal endothelial disease (requires corneal transplant in both eyes), multilevel spinal disc disease requiring disc fusion of my cervical spine, malnutrition due to celiac disease. ie, I will be chronically disabled for the rest of my life.

    While going to doctor after doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me, I had a subarrachnoid brain bleed and passed out at work. I was in ICU for 7 days, but the doctors could not figure out why I had a stroke. I am a medical technologist and a certified school teacher. I cannot hear and I cannot see well even though I have had one corneal transplant. I am dizzy, nauseated, in chronic pain, and have lost some of my speech and memory. I have not been able to return to my job of 30 years.

    My doctors have written constant opinions that I am permanently disabled. I have received short term disability and long term disability from Dearborn National. I reported Dearborn to my state insurance board because they continuously stopped paying my long term disability claim on time or at all. I appealed my case to Dearborn and they agreed with my appeal. I won my case but my case analyst denies my payment every other month and cherry picks my medical records. I believe Dearborn should be hauled before the Supreme Court for breach of contract and medical ethics violations. They have every shred of my medical information but they constantly harass me for the same medical records over and over. They conveniently lose those records, blame my doctors for not sending what they (Dearborn) have received already.

    I think Dearborn mistreats sick people, and hope they are too sick to fight for their benefits – maybe even hope their insured will just die.

    P.S. I won my Social Security disability benefits (thankfully).

    Rachel Burns Aug 6, 2014  #50

  • C,

    I am sorry to hear of your loss and troubles. Where are you located?

    Stephen Jessup May 29, 2014  #49

  • My husband passed away on March 26, 2012. He was supposed to have had term life insurance with his employer through Dearborn National. Because of a series of mistakes he was never keyed under the wrong group and never appeared on his companies roster. To date I have not been paid for the death benefit that was promised my husband when he went to work for Watt & Stewart Trucking.

    To date neither CBS Insurance, Snyder and Patterson who took over the policy, Watt & Stewart or Dearborn National want to take ownership of the error. I was told that fact that he was keyed under the incorrect group was a mute point because enrolled late and had to prove evidence of insurability, they cannot produce any denial of coverage or their request for additional documentation on my husband. They also feel my request is not valid because at the time of death he would have been classified as a rehire after returning from a work related injury. He was told he was coming back with all of the benefits he had when he left, no one told him he had to wait 90 days. The policy was also portable and had they properly enrolled him, he would have been able to pay the premium while he was out. He thought they were coverng him while he was out as previous employer had done the same thing.

    I have written to the employer and Dearborn National as well the Attorney Generals office. CBS insuranance and STacy Patterson the broker lied about being in possession of enrollment forms and Bob enrolling or initial coverage. TDI says I have to litiage it but I cannot find an attorney to help me. The policy is only $15,000 but that $15,000 would have kept me in my home I lost this past month. The sad thing is I work for Health Care Service Corporation the parent company of Dearborn National.

    C. Hightower May 28, 2014  #48

  • Donna,

    For purposes of the review make sure that Dearborn National has all the updated medical information. Additionally, you may want to contact your doctor’s to make sure they will be willing to speak with the carrier should they be contacted.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 3, 2014  #47

  • Ok once again I am up for a review. I just found new doctors were I moved to another state they are supporting me with my medical claims as well as my old doctors did. I have chronic pain in my stomach, need a partial knee replacement, high blood pressure, diabetes, over beating heart. I can’t bend down, kneel, twist and etc. And how does Dearborn expect me to find a job if I have experience in warehouse only? So any advise what I can do?

    Donna S. Apr 2, 2014  #46

  • Sharon,

    As you have already filed your appeal, please feel free to contact us in the event Dearborn National upholds the denial of your claim to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 28, 2014  #45

  • My name is Sharon, they turned me down on my first time for filing company disability. I have since filed an appeal I certainly hope they do better this time. I have worked my but for my company for 12 years until I almost killed myself. I have had 2 back surgeries, a bladder surgery a hysterectomy, a hernia surgery, and several more. Dearborn will not give me a chance, I also have fibromyalgia. I just think they would rather save money since I have been a manager in 2 finance companies for 30 years. I am 52 years old and I truly believe it has alot to do with Obamacare and HMOS If anyone can help me it would be very much appreciated.


    Sharon Mar 27, 2014  #44

  • Donna,

    You indicate you are up for review, which I assume to mean the change in definition of disability to “any occupation.” You need to make sure that your doctors are still very supportive of your claim and are properly documenting your file and records to indicate any and all limitations and restrictions that are preventing you from returning to work.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 18, 2014  #43

  • Dearborn National is bad in everoy way. I been disabilied since Sept 2011 with all kinds of medical problems from knee pains to lower back problems to a over beating heart, doctors still won’t release me to return back to work, but Dearborn thinks otherwise. Who are they to think people don’t have health problems? My check never ever comes on time that makes me pay my bills late and get charged a late fee. I am up for a review now but I’m moving to another state so what should I do? Any advice?

    Donna S. Mar 17, 2014  #42

  • Mad in KS,

    Dearborn can be a nightmare to deal with. Please feel free to contact our office discuss how we may be able to assist in securing the disability benefits for your husband.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 12, 2014  #41

  • My husband had a stroke and they are refusing to pay for his benefits saying he didnt have residual effects for over 30 days although we have provided them documentation that has. This documentation is not only confirmed by our doctor and neurologist but a full letter from Mayo Clinic. They have denied us again… has anyone seen the movie Rainmaker? I am living that story… We have given them tons of information and are ready to move to the next level. We have placed a complaint with the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and we are ready to take this company down until we get what we need!

    Mad in KS Feb 11, 2014  #40

  • Tim,

    Thank you for sharing. Dearborn National can be quite difficult to deal with, as you have unfortunately found out. With respect to your question – yes, Dearborn is allowed to ask your wife why she isn’t back to work yet. The inquiry is essentially part of the claims review process.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 7, 2013  #39

  • Have been dealing with Dearborn National since August of 2013. They are terrible with customer service! You have to keep good records of phone calls and have your doctor fax paper work every time you go to the doctor to Dearborn. We have been getting paid but they are rude and do not call you and tell what is up with your claim. They have always been three weeks late on every payment we have received. My wife had open heart surgery and the doctor has not released her yet because of blood pressure problems. The customer service rep last time asked my wife why she has not went back to work yet. Can they do that if the doctor has not released her yet? Isn’t it up to the doctor to make those decisions?

    Tim Nov 6, 2013  #38

  • Marcel,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately you are not alone in dealing with Dearborn and this very issue.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 15, 2013  #37

  • I have been trying to get my benefits from them they keep denying my claim after paying for it for 10 years. Since I used to work for a County now a lot of employees are going to stop paying and finding other insurance. Reason that they claim I am not disable even after Social Security approved me is because I took a trip to visit my parents even I was traveling with a family member.

    This company is a scam.

    Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz Aug 14, 2013  #36

  • Danny,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully, your case won’t ultimately be subject to a lawsuit.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 24, 2013  #35

  • I have been disabled due to heart attacks, multiple TIAs, failed rotator cuffs was on time, now require cane to get around, and speech loss. Check has been on time only once and have to call agent “Jenson” every month to find out why haven.t received check. He told me check would be sent out 5 days early to make up for being 10 days late. This is after his failing to return 3 previous calls in this matter. He lied. When called main office they said current check still hadn’t been processed and it is the due date. When talked to Jenson, he denied saying check would be sent out early or that I must have misunderstood. He failed to realize that conversation was recorded. He said that they were waiting on medical information that they had already received which he subsequently admitted they already had. I have been approved for SSD. Seems that since this company operates in many states there would be some governmental regulation or agency regulation of their practices. Would not recommend this company to anyone. Will probably end suing for loss and cost of recovery.

    Danny Jul 23, 2013  #34

  • Mary,

    You will have to review your disability policy. The overwhelming majority of Policies list primary Social Security disability and dependent Social Security (awarded due to a dependent on account of your disability) as an offset under the policy by which the carrier can (1) collect repayment of any portion of a SSDI lump sum back benefit check that corresponds to a time they were issuing benefits and (2) reduce your monthly benefits going forward by the amount of SSDI and DSSDI.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 20, 2013  #33

  • I have a simple question about the Texas State Employees/ERS benefits with Dearborn for STD and LTD benefits. If the DBL employee (since 2010) who is getting Dearborn funds, is finally approved by SSD, can Dearborn recoup benefits paid before the SSD claim was approved and additionally offset the claim with the current SSD check, as well as offset “over-payment” against the dependent’s benefits received (they never even paid any dependent’s benefits)? I get inconsistent answers from ERS and different numbers from Dearborn every time this is asked. Dearborn is threatening collections actions to recoup the funds. We thought the Dearborn benefit was exclusive of SSD benefit as both were paid into. Isn’t this how insurance works? Advice?

    Mary Peterson Jul 19, 2013  #32

  • Patricia,

    This is great news, and from my experience I couldn’t agree more with you as to the seemingly unnecessary amount of trouble they put people through.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 12, 2013  #31

  • Fortunately, Ft. Dearborn Life Insurance will lose their contract with the State of Texas ERS system as of September 3, 2013. They have been a thorn in my side for the past 6 years and I am hoping that the new insurance company will learn from Ft. Dearborn’s mistakes and do a better job at processing claims, customer service, and plain old common sense! They are simply the worst long term and short term disability company Ive seen in my 55 years of living. I’ve been a state employee since I was 18 years old, and they simply treated me as though I stole money from them and I owed them. It is a shame that they would treat people so badly. I do believe that they will reap what they sew.

    Patricia Jul 11, 2013  #30

  • I have been unable to work for 5 months. Dearborn keeps sending me forms. I give them to the Doctor’s and fill out my portion. Now they are saying I have to file for SSI disability. If I receive the disability I will have to pay Dearborn back. I’m not eligible for SSI. I will be returning to work before 12 months. I can’t wait to return to work. The first thing I will be doing is dropping Dearborn. This company is a hoax as far as I can tell. Have been filling out paper work for 3 months and have not received a dime. I wish the last 18 years that I paid for Long Term Disability, this company was more upfront. I can write them a new policy real quick: “WE JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY AND DON’T PAY”!

    Barbara May 16, 2013  #29

  • D,

    Unfortunately your experience is not all that uncommon. As you probably already know an Appeal of an insurance carrier denial is one of the most vital documents in your claim at this point. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup May 2, 2013  #28

  • I just received a letter from Dearborn that they are denying my coverage. I am at the 2 year mark. I have been approved for SS disability. The doctors say I will NOT get any better than what I am now, only worse. I did the 3 month doctor visits as per Dearborn’s requirements. My doctors documented that I have not made any progress and am not able to work. On GOOD days, I get around with a cane, bad days I have a walker with a seat. I cannot do ANYTHING for extended periods (more than 20 minutes), sit, stand, walk, lay… ANYTHING. Dearborn says that I am able to get a job and work and that I am fully ambulatory. This is based on their doctors, which I have NEVER seen. I am on medication for severe pain and depression that make me sleepy and groggy. They do not get rid of my pain, but without them, I would not be able to function even at the level that I do now. Dearborn says they don’t go by what SS says. I had to go before a judge to get the SS and she said, looking at the Dr.’s notes and X-rays and MRIs, that I should have never had to go that far to get approved. The damage was VERY obvious. I am extremely upset and disappointed with Dearborn. Any advice on what I can do will be appreciated. I’m at the end of my rope and am barely making it just on SS.

    D. Hartman May 1, 2013  #27

  • Dearborn is a piece of crap! I had surgery two months and have yet received my first check. I called to speak with supervisor and was denied… I called numerous times to check up on my STD status which they lied about not having my paperwork completed, even though I received a confirmation letter in the mail… I’m getting evicted in 3 days due to lack of concern for the people. There was no problem deducting the money bi-weekly out of my pay-checks… Horrible, horrible company! Unprofessional customer service who laughed when I stated I needed to know something because I have a family depending on that income… Very, very disappointed and justice needs to be served!

    Preston Smith Jan 12, 2013  #26

  • I work for the Texas Department of Corrections. In September of 2010 I came down with the Shingles and haven’t be able to work again. In Dec. 2010 I got Pneumonia or what they thought was Pneumonia and had to go in the hospital. I was there for 6 weeks and during that time they ran every test imaginable and could not find out what it was. I went into congestive heart failure and was put on life support two different times, I was bedridden for almost 6 weeks and had to learn how to walk again because I couldn’t even get out of bed by myself and stand. I was on short term disability with Dearborn National and them it went to Long Term. Didn’t have any problems with my claims advocate. Always got my checks on time and she was really nice and still is. But at the end of my 24 months I received the letter stating that I had been denied because my Dr. stated that my congestive heart failure was stable. My Dr. did no such thing. I faxed my appeal letter to my advocate along with a letter from my Dr. stating that my heart failure was not stable along with other medical issues. Now I have to file and appeal. My advocate told me that they might need more information from the Dr. and she would be out of the loop until they approved or denied it. You’re right they will try to get you. Did you know that the clinical staff gets a bonus if they deny your claim. Why do you think they deny so many? This is a joke. Maybe one day someone will finally get them.

    Sandra Vanantwerp Jan 7, 2013  #25

  • Every year I have to call and ask when are they going to send my yearly evaluation. They always say not yet, or maybe next month, but this year after the third time she claims it was sent the last month which I know is a lie so she said I’ll send another form. When I get it it has resend with only 15 days ’till the return day. I know it’s just to make it hard. I hate these people.

    Gordon Guidry Nov 4, 2012  #24

  • I have been on Long Term Care with Dearborn National since October 1st, 2010. I had trouble getting my check every month I had to call my Claims Adjuster to remind her to send my check always late. I have RP which I was diagnosed Legally Blind in April 2010. My vision will never get any better. Started Drawing Disability Social Security in Oct. 2010 and never had a missed or late payment. I still have not received my check for Sept. 2012 yet. Called my adjuster and she said I am under review waiting to hear back from the nurse. This is now Oct. 3, 2012 and still no check for September. Now remember I am legally blind. I started drawing LTD at the age of 50 now I am 52 should draw benefits until I am 65. I haven’t been to my Ophthalmologist since Aug. 2011 but have an appointment on October 4, 2012. My eyes have only gotten worse. Where is my Sept. and now where is my Oct. check? Two months now owed to me. I am copying this and sending this letter to the Texas State Board of Insurance.

    Douglas Wheatley Oct 3, 2012  #23

  • Rick,

    Disability insurance Caseworkers are supposed to request your medical records, but there is some case law which suggests that it is ultimately the claimant’s responsibility to provide the medical records to the disability company. You should ask for a copy of your medical record after each doctor visit and then send it to the disability company either every time you have a new doctor visit or at least once every 60-90 days.

    Gregory Dell Sep 10, 2012  #22

  • I have been with Dearborn National for about seventeen months. My case worker has been the most inefficient individual, she conveniently forgets to release my checks. I have recently been reviewed for the second time, and for the second time I have been denied my long term disability benefits. This time it turns out it was the case workers fault that I was reviewed and denied. She had not requested medical record updates since March. So Dearborn pulled a review based on lack of updated medical records and denied me my benefits. Now the caseworker’s supervisor is giving me one week to provide her with all the updated records since March or she is gonna send out the denial letter. It’s the case worker’s job to request the records from the doctors. After visiting with my doctors, they have told me that Dearborn has made no attempt to acquire any updated records. They set me up to lose my benefits. It’s put tremendous strain on my home life and my marriage. I have never seen a company so unprofessional.

    Rick T. Richards Sep 8, 2012  #21

  • Rhonda,

    It is a shame that Dearborn National treats you in such a poor manner. You need to make sure you continue to treat with your doctors regularly and document your medical conditions correctly. Contact us if you would like assistance with the ongoing management of your disability claim. You should watch our video on Monthly Claim Handling at diattorney.com/monthly-claim-handling.

    Gregory Dell Sep 6, 2012  #20

  • I have been on LTD for several years. I panic every year when it is review time. My case was reassigned last year and I cannot seem to get this new examiner to understand that my conditions do not go away. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple herniated discs, and the list goes on and on. They are heartless and don’t care when they get out benefits. I wish that I could play with their payroll dates… maybe then they would understand how unnerving this is.

    Rhonda Sep 6, 2012  #19

  • I am getting my short term disability from Dearborn but they are paying me short and long term at the same time so that the offset of short term only leaves $250 / month in long term. It is my understanding that long term only pays for one year. I am assuming they are doing both at approx. $1800 / month so that they will have to pay for a much shorter time. Saving them 7 months of payments at $1600 / month. I had spinal surgery in Dec. 2012. I had almost 6 months of comp. vacation and holiday time I used. I went on leave without pay in May. They are trying to go back to Dec. saying my disability starts then but they didn’t have to pay since I was still getting paid from work! This cannot be legal. I know its not ethical.

    Why save up your time to use when you need it and never miss work if they will just use it against you? I now have nerve damage on my prominent side and am always in pain with titanium plate and screws in my neck.

    Heather Jul 23, 2012  #18

  • I have been doing some research just today, and I am saddened by what I have read. I too am taking time off of work and fear that I may not be approved to recieve short term disability through Dearborn National. I have been doing my best to keep a positive attitude but the stories that I have read have been both depressing and discouraging. My heart goes out to you all. May God Bless you as you all as you go through your trials. I plan to call for a free consultation.

    Denise May 22, 2012  #17

  • I have just been terminated from my job as a correctional officer after the 180 days state allowed days for absence. I had a laminectomy 11/11/10 back surgery. I have had to call Dearborn National rude Customer Service reps. They don’t listen to your questions and they want to forward you to a supervisor. They refuse to send out my payments in a timely manner. They’ve reduced my pay to 60% minus integration fees in which I’m not receiving. This company is lame!

    Cheryl Feb 6, 2012  #16

  • Troy,

    You need to submit an appeal of the denial in a timely manner. If you would like assistance with your appeal, please contact us to discuss your options.

    Gregory Dell Feb 2, 2012  #15

  • In June of 2009, I lost the centers and the majority of my peripheral vision in both eyes to a degenerative eye disease known as Age Related Macular Degeneration. Upon doing so, I had to leave my job as Correctional Officer for the State of Texas after 9 years and 1 month of devoted service.

    I had no problems with Dearborn National in receiving my ST/LT disability benefits for the first two years as my claim coordinator was friendly, helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable when it came to dealing with me and my disability on a personal level.

    However, after the two years of benefits were complete, my case came up for medical review by Dearborn National and was of course denied and my benefits stopped on the grounds that “There are magnification aids, glasses and computer programs that can assist me in leading a normal and productive life in the workforce.” That may be true in some cases of persons afflicted with ARMD, but not so in mine. I have no center of vision or peripheral that will allow me the privilege and use of such devices due to the large voided areas (or “blind spots”) that cover my field of vision.

    Upon VERY politely asking my claim coordinator who it was that made these decisions and how they come to their conclusions on an individual level she became standoffish and defensive stating things like “It’s not my call” and “It’s out of my hands” and told me that my claim was reviewed by a group of nurses in Indiana and she couldn’t assist me on my claim any further. She then informed me she would send me a denial of claims letter and I had 45 days to dispute their decision via written correspondence and if deemed valid (at THEIR discretion no doubt), my claim would be reopened and reviewed.

    The disease causing my disability is not something that can be faked or misrepresented as anyone with any knowledge of retinal functionality and normalcy can examine my internal eye and see without a shadow of doubt that the use of visual aids can not and will not boost my visions capabilities to the point where I can be useful to ANY employer in ANY field of work. Any field of work other than a crash dummy for auto manufacturers testing the safety standards of their vehicles, that is. Hopefully if I can get a job in THAT field the Life/Disability Insurance won’t be handled through Dearborn National.

    Troy Wilburn Feb 1, 2012  #14

  • My son works for Tx. Dpt. Corrections, paid for STD/LTD, 27 years old, having complications from congenital hearing defect, 2nd pacemaker, congestive heart failure etc., put on STD by cardiologist. Dearborn has been a Nightmare! The rudest, most unprofessional people I have Ever dealt with. I had to call and Beg for the 2 checks he’s gotten since August. They Never call him, just wait ’til he calls about a check and they Never have enough information. HORRIBLE!

    Diane Collins Dec 8, 2011  #13

  • I have Stage 4 Kidney Cancer with Metastatic Bone Disease. They don’t return my calls. They are playing an old game: they are hoping I’ll die before they have to honor my claims… and that with my death, the problem will simply go away.

    Welcome to America!

    Roman Cannon Nov 27, 2011  #12

  • I took the insurance through my state job, and felt protected if anything ever happened to me. I have neuropathy, brachial nerve damage from phenergan iv meds given wrong and am on SSD for this. It is my dominant arm that is damaged and I am a nurses. A nurse has to have good use of her dominant arm and hand. I did get short term, and long term for two years, but I was always bothered with having to fill forms out, and have my PCP fill out forms. These forms often were lost and had to be sent again.

    After two years, my payments were stopped due to Fort Dearborn said it is time for review to see if you can do a job other than nursing. Then nightmare began. Since he time of the initial claim, I had been in a car wreck, had brain bleeds and have post concussion syndrome. I sent proof of this from two neurologist and showed a sleep study result showing I also have sleep disturbance. It was not enough. They do not believe the professionals, say not enough documentation.

    Next I am diagnosed with Lupus and two other auto immune diseases and have declined to the point where I cannot drive, and my sister in law lives with us to do all my household chores and even helps me dress.

    I have sent medical information to them even a doctors record, from the one that treats my Lupus, saying I am not able to work, disabled. None of the documentation was good enough.

    I asked them if I could fly to where they are and have their doctors examine me as proof that all the things that are documented are true. They said no.

    I am no denied and have to file a grievance with ERS and am going to do my best to get my long term disability that is owed me. I will go to every avenue to do so, and I will not stop. How can someone as sick as me, be expected to work? They are heartless, and take none of the tests, lab work, or documentation from other doctors serious, they always say not enough proof. Well, they should have their own doctors see me. Then they can see the proof. Let them live with me for a day and see how many meds I take to just survive. God help these people, as they are making my life miserable by taking my money away, and causing my auto immune disease worse by all the stress they are causing. Do not take Fort Dearborn, and if you do, get a lawyer to help you with any claim.

    Scharla Johnston-Foryszewski Nov 10, 2011  #11

  • Ashley,

    I am sorry to hear about your experience with Dearborn National. You need to take the appeal very seriously in order to have a chance of getting your disability benefits reinstated. You only have 180 days to submit and appeal. If you send us your denial letter we will provide you with a free review of your claim and let you know if we can assist you to recover your long term disability benefits. We have handled numerous Dearborn National long term disability denials.

    Gregory Dell Oct 17, 2011  #10

  • I had to resign from the state and go on disability in 2008 after being diagnosed with chronic severe migraines. My experience with Ft. Dearborn/Dearborn National has been absolutely horrible. You have to do so much just to get the benefits, but checks are never sent on time and the customer service representatives act as if you’re bothering them when calling to check on the situation. This company would also say that they never received paperwork from the doctors, however the clinics say otherwise which is why I started faxing everything myself. My condition has been diagnosed and confirmed over and over again yet the company just stopped paying me in January with no warnings or letters. I had to call for months before I was told the case was back in review for several more months. My caseworker would not return my calls, but her supervisor finally did to tell me that all of my documentation that clearly shows my disability was irrelevant and I probably won’t get pain any longer. My caseworker finally called to say they weren’t paying me anymore and she’d send out a letter the next stating why and how I could appeal the decision… that was two months ago.

    Ashley Cunningham Oct 16, 2011  #9

  • This company has the worst customer service, they do not let you finish a sentence. They advised me that my Dr. needs to send them information each time I go to her. People please know this is illegal! They MUST send a request for this information as it violates YOUR Hippa rights! Call them on it and report it to your State Board of Insurance! They do not have a corporate office in the United States, it is in Puerto Rico, so they don’t have to pay taxes. This is a Mickey Mouse operation! And what are they doing is illegal. It took me a year to get a copy of my policy. And they continually tell you that you must be under the care of a doctor, true, but that does NOT mean that you must go every week, or month, they can’t tell you when you must go to the Dr. Hippa again! And it is not written in the policy ANYWHERE! Call them on it and ask exactly where it is and watch them fish tail for an answer! They are rude.. and stupid. They need to be called on each item and any personal questions they ask violates your Hippa rights. I have reported them to the State Board and I am working to personally sue them, from the examiner of my claim to the head honcho… Get the names of all the braindead wonders to include in your complaint to the state board. If we all continually report them, the state board will monitor them regularly. Also I love how they have to approve what we write on here… No telling how many people they erase what is written…

    Mrs. Hopson Sep 20, 2011  #8

  • My wife worked for the state of Texas prison system when she had a heart attack and had to be shocked back to life twice. She had a stent put in and had another atery too small to stent and was told by the cardo dr. due to the continuing tia’s she would not be able to work. Also the social security dr. we went to for SS disability said the same thing and now comes Dearborn with the state paid disability and it has been a three ring circus with these people they have used ever trick in the book to avoid paying what their contract reads. No one in their right mind should ever do business or trust these people.

    Larry Foster Sep 5, 2011  #7

  • I have been very satisfied with Dearborn, my husband’s checks have been on time.

    Albert Henderson Jul 26, 2011  #6

  • I have a comlaint against Dearborn National. I had shoulder replacement in Febuary of this year, it took three months to get my first check, my disability is only two hundred dollars a week. I had to get an attorney to get my money. Then, in June of the same year, Dearborn decided to stop my disability, as they felt I could go back to work. I had commplications from the shoulder surgery and my doctor has taken me out of work until at least September. Again, I have to contact my lawyer to get the money I have coming to me. I plan on dropping the insurace as soon as I return to work. I would advise any one to stay away from this insurance company.

    Mary-Ellen Flynn Jun 23, 2011  #5

  • My sister and I both have Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas through our employers. They are an excellent medical insurance provider. Unfortunately any other benefits offered by BCBST (like short/long term disability) are offered through Dearborn. What an embarassment it must be for BCBST to have their reputation stained by the incompetence of the likes of Dearborn.

    MONTHS after my sister’s having had surgery and despite having continued to make her monthly insurance payments (even though she can ill afford it as she has no income), Dearborn has still not provided any type of disability benefits despite extensive review of hospital/physician and pharmacy records. At best, I can only describe their actions as malicious and duplicitous.

    I pray that I do not become ill and have to take any extended time off while covered by Dearborn’s policy if this typical of Dearborn’s response. Because of this situation, I have also requested that my company provide an alternate policy in lieu of the scam that Dearborn offers.

    Dearborn is the typical bully kicking it’s opponent in the ribs while they’re down.

    Cathy New Jun 8, 2011  #4

  • My sister in law has worked for Austin Hospice for over 12 years and took out short and long term policies that were offered. She has taken care of many pepole that were in the last stages of theire lives, mostly form cancer. It is unfortunate that as she has been diganosed with stage 3 colon cancer and has been undergoing chemo treatments every other week. She had been told her time off would be six months for the treatment. She filed all paperwork promptly and has continued to come up with the medical payments monthly so she would be covered. It is now going on the 4th month, time to file for long term benefits and she has still not receved a penny of the short term money. Shame on Hospice of Austin to allow this to happen, shame on Dearborne for their wanting their money promptly but cannot live up to their contract. I have to wonder if when she now has to file for long term and they are still accepting her premimum what the excuse will be then. Also I have to wonder just why Hospice of Austin has not stepped in. It is sad to think that Austin Hospice cannot even protect their own.

    P. Marchesi Jun 6, 2011  #3

  • Dearborn National is a horrible provider. Been on STD for 4.5 months for a rotator cuff tear. I’m a 47yr old Laborer for the city of Beverly Ma. The city’s policy is that you have to be 100% recoverd to return to work and a time of 6 months is standard for this injury. It is Dearborn’s national practise to discourage their subscribers from collecting benefits by denying payment every three weeks pending new doctor evaluations. The doctor’s policy is to see a patient every six weeks allowing time for the injury to heal.

    Dearborn national uses this discrepancy in policys to deny payment. Of course the injured party is now faced with mortage/rent, food, health ins. bills ect and no way of paying them on the small 60% payment they are supposed to be receiving. I regret ever buying into this fly by night rip-offf scam of a company!!!

    David M. Arsenault May 27, 2011  #2

  • I have been involved with FORT Dearborn National for two year plus. I was recently denied for long term disability. After January beeing reveiwed the company was doing that every three months. The company turn around and reveiwed my case again in Febuary because of a paper showing up in the system from March 2010. That information was a year old and it took them a month to realizied. I had been seeing a new doctor sent September of 2010. I spoke to my adjuster and she discovered it while we were on the phone that day. She told me that would release my benefit for Febuary but in the same breath told I would be up for reveiw for the two year mark.And know my benefits have be denied it’s be one world wind. I really thought that this would be a good idea just in case something were to happen to my on the job. My son’s was not activity in his life and was the only one here. I am pined surgery workmen compensation has been the wholed up on the other side. They are saying that the doctor have to give detailed information. The doctor is saying they have given detailed information.

    Stacey Hampton Apr 16, 2011  #1

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