If I have Coronavirus can I collect disability insurance benefits?

Coronavirus Disability Insurance Claim Help

Can you collect disability insurance benefits if you either have Coronavirus or are concerned that you could get Coronavirus? As I write this article on March 13, 2020 the answer is “yes” that you could seek short term disability insurance benefits as a result of Coronavirus. Most short term disability policies have a 7 day elimination period and if a doctor tells you to stay out of work at least 14 days then you would clearly be eligible. The challenging issue is for a person that is worried about the risk of getting Coronavirus due to a pre-existing underlying medical condition.

The risk of exacerbating a current medical condition can be a reason for filing a short or long term disability claim. For example, if you have diabetes, chronic fatigue, or an auto-immune disorder then you are a person that always needs to be cautious of a virus. Most of us have never experienced a pandemic during our life time and this is new territory for disability insurance claimants.

Our disability insurance lawyers have already spoken with numerous individuals that are unable to work as a result of Coronavirus and we will assist them with the application process. According to published reports there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that will be diagnosed with Coronavirus. The long-term effects of Coronavirus and the impact on a person’s ability to return to work are currently unknown.

In anticipation of a possible disability insurance claim we are suggesting for individuals to obtain copies of their short and/or long term disability insurance policies. If your disability insurance is an employer provided benefit then your employer is required to provide you with a copy of your disability plan documents.  If you have a private disability policy and don’t have a copy you can call the disability insurance company or the agent that sold you the policy. Any claim related to Coronavirus will require you to seek treatment from a doctor and have a written opinion that you should not work.

Our disability insurance lawyers always provide a free initial phone consultation and if you have any questions we welcome you to contact us via phone or email to discuss your potential claim. We help claimants nationwide.

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  • Deborah: If your doctor is advising you to stay home because he believes that your exposure risk to Covid and your current medical condition prevent you form working, then there is a good chance of you receiving short term disability. Your doctor needs to be very specific in detailing your attending physician form.

    Gregory DellApr 2, 2020  #6

  • I work in environmental services dept at a hospital. I have an autoimmune disorder Sjorgen and systemic lupus. Can I get short term disability threw work for this during the Covid-19 crisis?

    DeborahApr 2, 2020  #5

  • Tom: The risk of harm to an individual with a medical condition is a basis for disability. We would reccomended that you apply for disability through your employer assuming you have proper support from your doctor.

    Gregory DellApr 1, 2020  #4

  • Because my wife and I are in the high risk group (she 65, I’m 68), I have chosen to take an unpaid leave of absence from work. Been out two weeks. Can I take advantage of short term disability insurance provided by my employer?

    Tom G.Apr 1, 2020  #3

  • Christine, first and foremost, thank you for the job that you do on a regular basis. It is a difficult profession made even more difficult due to Covid-19. Regarding your inquiry, to determine whether you are eligible for short term disability benefits, we would need to review a copy of the policy you have coverage under. I do know of certain policies (such as a Guardian Group Policy I recent reviewed) that contain a “Quarantine Benefit Rider” that provided benefits for anyone that is “not disabled” but is “quarantined due to an infectious and contagious disease.” If your policy does not contain such a provision or language, it might be difficult to prove that you are disabled. I believe the insurance company may take the position that nothing has materially changed to your conditions/diagnoses. They will likely argue that the risk has always been there and your conditions have not worsened. However, there is case law regarding claims due to risk. I will have to do more research on the subject as it has been sometime since I have reviewed those cases, but I do recall risk claims. Please contact us and send us copies of your short term and long term disability insurance policies so that we can review them with you and discuss further your potential claim.

    Alex PalamaraMar 27, 2020  #2

  • I am full time psychiatric RN with auto immune disease (sarcoidosis) and asthma. I am 53 I have been an RN for 20 years. I saw my pulmonologist and was told if I wear proper protective mask I can work. My job is unable to provide and I am at work currently. In addition we are continuing to get admissions that are being admitted as long as they have no fever and ER giving Tylenol and admitting and we have 4 known cases of covid -19. I also work as a float RN going from unit to unit for additional exposure risk. I am afraid and want to know if eligible for short term disability?

    Christine H.Mar 26, 2020  #1

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