A Claimant’s View of a Prudential Disability Benefit Denial

We always welcome our clients and other disability claimants nationwide to share their experiences regarding the handling of their disability insurance claim.

A client of our law firm that was denied long term disability benefits by Prudential Insurance Company recently posted her thoughts:

Unlucky for me, but lucky in this regard, that I rarely have the strength to even get out of bed, never mind the thought of leaving my house, and I have missed nearly every holiday event in 2 years. I guess insurance companies do not think we are allowed to live at all.

I would GLADLY invite Prudential in to my home to videotape me on a daily basis, to let them see that I can barely get out of bed to make it to the rest room, and to see how much pain I am in 24 hours a day, and how damn mad it makes me that I am so weak that I have to depend on someone to help me, or NOT be able to go see my newborn nephew who lives 15 minutes away, and NOT be able to get to Philadelphia to see specialists because I can barely drive.

I don’t know how the people who make the decisions against your case can live with themselves, or go to sleep with a clear conscience at night. It’s frightening to KNOW people are paid and trained to have no compassion or caring, and I’m too darn sick to be able to fight them.

Thank God for Attorney Dell and his very capable group, Attorney Palamara and his assistant, Kathleen Bordes, and all who have assisted in my ERISA claim. God bless you, every one! I researched ERISA attorneys when I was attempting to handle my case on my own, but far too sick to do so, and thank you for being there for me as the best ERISA claimant attorneys I could find! You are my lifesavers and I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for me!

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