City University Of Medicine & Bioscience former employee disabled by back disorder sues Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company for denial of disability benefits

Back pain is one of the leading causes of claims for long term disability benefits against disability insurance companies. However, claimants of disability insurance benefits who are suffering from back disorders often have an uphill task in trying to claim their disability benefits from Disability Insurance Companies. This is because disability insurance companies can try to deny the claims of individuals who are suffering from back disorders by claiming there is no objective medical evidence to support a claimant’s subjective complaints of back pain. Hence, it is not surprising that we often see lawsuits filed against disability insurance companies from individuals disabled by chronic back pain. In fact, a recent disability lawsuit was filed against Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company by an individual with a back disorder.

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company Disability Claim Denial Lawsuit

In the case of Glynda F. Sharp v Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, the plaintiff Glynda F. Sharp filed a lawsuit against Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance Life) through her Kansas City disability attorney at the District court for the Western District of Missouri. Ms. Sharp was the Director of Operations for the Office of Research at the Kansas City University of Medicine & Bioscience. While employed there, she participated in the long term disability plan sponsored by her employer.

On February 27th 2009, she was terminated from her job due to her disability caused by her back disorder. She suffered from severe degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, chronic low back pain, bilateral lower extremity pain, parasthesias, spondylosis, disc displacement, lumbosacral radiculitis, sacrolitis and lumber facet joint arthritis. From august 26th to November 20th 2009, she received LTD benefits from Reliance Life as Reliance Life had determined her to be totally disabled under her policy. Nevertheless, on November 20th 2009, Reliance Life terminated her LTD benefits even though her physical and medical conditions had not changed.

Her appeal on March 13th 2010 was denied. A physician employed by Reliance Life, after examining her for just 15 minutes, concluded that Ms. Sharp was capable of employment under restricted conditions. Ms. Sharp had tried to use medication to lessen her pain but it had proven unsuccessful. The overall prognosis of Reliance Life’s physician was that Ms. Sharp was capable of handling the intense pain that she felt while being in a seated position. Her final appeal was denied on May 18th 2010 by Reliance Life. Despite the Social Security Administration (SSA) finding Ms. Sharp to be totally disabled, Reliance Life still denied disability benefits to Ms. Sharp.

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  • Wow this could be me. However rather then fight my employer/insurance company when my job was outsourced, I was laid off, and my benefits terminated. I did not tell my employer I had filed for SSD while on disability after 5 surgeries in a year. I chose to fight that battle instead and in 2007 received full benefits and 4 years back pay. I submitted the SS law judge determination to my employer and then to CIGNA and 6 weeks later they reinstated my long term disability and made my pay retroactive. But only as secondary to SSD. And they did not reinstate my employee benefits of medical insurance and retirement. I just keep getting the response that they are not set up to do that. Today they offered a lump sum settlement. I still have 14 years to collect. They thought I would actually take 2/3 of 2/3. The employment rehabilitative representative that was present at my hearing agreed with the judge that I was unable to work full time even in the most basic of jobs. Medications, lack of sleep, the exact same health reasons as stated above (with a few more) were the basis for this determination. Perhaps you can use my case to win this persons case?

    Judy ZedalisJun 9, 2011  #1

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