Cigna Overturns Denial of Disability Insurance Benefits for IT Consultant Suffering from Physical and Mental Conditions

Prior to filing her claim with Cigna for disability benefits under her employer’s group long term disability plan, our client was a Senior IT Consultant for a large corporation. In her role she served as an advanced level project manager responsible for the management of multiple teams, making sure budgets were adhered to, strategies implemented, and projects completed on time. To say that she was near the pinnacle of her profession is an understatement. However, her constant on the go, nonstop workweek eventually began to take its toll on her. She began experiencing severe cluster headaches and increasing back pain as a result of lumbar degenerative disc disease and not long after bouts of severe depression and anxiety. No longer able to physically or emotionally perform the duties of her job, she filed her claim for disability benefits with Cigna. Despite an exhaustive list of medical conditions and records, Cigna determined that her complaints were subjective in nature and even went so far as to say somatic in nature and as a result denied her claim.

The Appeal Of Another Cigna Disability Denial

Following the denial of her claim she contacted Attorneys Dell & Schaefer and spoke with Attorney Stephen Jessup, who discussed the denial and what her options were to move forward against Cigna. She was emotionally spent from the downturn of her health and from her battle with Cigna and wasn’t sure if she wanted to bother fighting the denial. Following the initial phone consultation, she spoke with Attorney Jessup on multiple occasions and was still unsure if she had the emotional energy to pursue her case. Attorney Jessup addressed all of her questions and eased her concerns as to the process of appealing the denial and dealing with Cigna. With the added peace of mind that she would not have to deal with Cigna on her own, she decided to fight back.

In preparing the appeal, Attorney Jessup reached out to our client’s multiple doctors and therapists to coordinate an effort to provide medical documentation that would substantiate her “subjective” complaints and address the severity of her limitations. He conducted extensive reviews of Cigna’s claims review as it related to the duties of her occupations and presented additional evidence to Cigna that was not in the initial claim review. When all was said and done, Attorney Jessup submitted a 25 page appeal letter with over 400 pages of additional documentation to Cigna. Cigna overturned its denial, reinstated our client’s claim and forwarded all back benefits owed.

Is It Worth It To Fight A Disability Denial?

‘Is it worth it?’ is a common question asked by many people who call Dell & Schaefer after their claim has been denied. In a word, yes, it is worth it. The insurance companies hope that you will walk away from your rights under a disability policy. Don’t be discouraged by a claim denial and don’t let the insurance company get the last word. Our client refused to give up and hired Dell & Schaefer to fight the battle she no longer had the energy to wage.

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