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Cigna Makes Disability Insurance Claim Claimant Live in Fear of Claim Denial

Attorney Gregory DellAuthor: Attorney Gregory Dell

Even when a disability company pays a claimant it is rare that the claimant has any confidence that the disability company will continue to pay. On a daily basis our disability insurance attorneys speak with claimants that have either had their benefits denied or fear that they will be denied. We regularly write articles about the manner in which disability companies can handle a claim, but we wanted to share with you an anonymous comment that describes one claimant’s experience with Cigna Insurance Company. Our disability lawyers help claimants on a daily basis with Cigna disability claims and the experience described below is unfortunately very common:

My Cigna claim is current as of present I fought for 7 months to be approved the first time around and lost my home car and my daughter had to leave her school senior year. We had to move in with my Mom over an hour away form friends jobs school and our lives. I also maxed out my 403b to survive and my credit went to crap. I am a nurse and very knowledgable and all I ever hear again and again is WE NEED OBJECTIVE DATA. They have all of it. MY FCE says no full or partime work no lifting over 10lbs. I have handicap placard am in the process of SSI/DI which wont be nearly enough to live on. I have multiple procedures injections discograms MRI and the lists go on and all state my back is a mess. My new and old primary agree no work. I wish I could. I am a on the go girl! Not anymore. I am scared to death they will deny for some reason and I will have to appeal again like before and I cnat afford that. I am FINALLY getting an apartment again not with my mother at 38!!! They ruined my credit because I had no pay so I cant buy a home again at current and am barely able to rent a place at 38! The emotional duress anguish fear and increase in my anxiety and depression worsens daily. The new review person I am working with called me several times and I called her as well trying to inform her she has sent record requests to doctors that are not even mine. She told me I need to obtain all of my medical records since Sept. 2012?? That is her job. How the heck does she find wrong MD?? She said she “thinks she has the FCE and discogram” Really thats the damn objective data I need. I am willing ready and able to fight this to the end get LTD forever and would love to pursue for mental anguish loss of lifestyle comforts home credit car my poor 17yr old at the times destruction of her life. I am angry fed up pissed and done with the ignorance!! Please help!! I am requesting a new review worker due to this ones heads up her behind!! I am ready to be an advocate a fighter a warrior and a winner against the abuse this horrid company inflicts on so many. Oh and lastly I am told I am a surgical candidate however at 38 and no curative guarantee of a high percentage I am wanting to hold off. The surgery is palliative and wont allow me to work but slightly help pain. Also I am enrolled in service dog training to have my service dog trained and assist me with all ADL/IDLS of life. Obviously I am disabled. Everyone but Cigna agrees!!! Please Please fingers crossed you can help!!

We have contacted this claimant and we will do everything we can to help. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your disability claim with Cigna or any other company.

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