• Can the disability insurance company call my doctors without telling me?

Can the Disability Insurance Company Call My Doctors Without Telling Me?

The answer to this question depends on how your disability claim is being managed and the extent of the medical authorization you have provided to your disability carrier.

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  • Liberty Mutual is the LTD carrier for my former employer provided group LTD policy. I rolled onto LTD from short term disability. Liberty Mutual presented me with an open ended authorization, which included; granting them access to my employee records, driving record, credit report, bank accounts, etc. I created separate auth forms of my own in my own language and filled each in with a doctor or facility that was treating me. I signed each one and sent these back to Liberty Mutual. I threw out their open-ended auth form. On forms that I had to return, I crossed out the offending statements with heavy black ink and signed the forms.

    Three months after I started to receive the LTD, I pulled my credit report to discover that Liberty Mutual had accessed my credit report history without my consent at the exact time my LTD had kicked in. The reason they listed was Insurance underwriting. I was not shopping for Insurance, therefore, Insurance Underwriting is not correct. Are they able to continue to do these things at will. without my consent? Do I have any recourse?

    ChristineSep 26, 2017  #1