Can one application be submitted if the same insurance company administers both my Group Long-term Disability Plan and my Individual Disability Policy?

Generally, yes, most long-term disability insurance carriers allow you to submit one application if they administer both your Group and Individual Long-term Disability policies. Of course, as a rule of thumb, you never want to assume anything when it comes to the disability insurance company or your claim, and you should ask the claim representative if submission of one application is acceptable. Once your long-term disability application for your claims is received, your claims will likely be assigned to a special claim representative with experience managing both Group and Individual claims, and potentially consolidated. You should be aware that your individual and group policies may contain distinct terms and eligibility requirements. It is important that you are familiar with the requirements of both policies, since certain facts and circumstances may cause you to be eligible under one policy, at the cost of sacrificing your benefits under the other. If your claim is approved, the disability insurance carrier will require that you submit monthly claim forms and attending physician statements. It is unlikely that you will have to submit more than one set of forms, since one set should sufficiently satisfy your proof of loss requirements under both policies.

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