Can a disability insurance company conduct video surveillance of me without my permission?

The disability insurance companies are permitted to video tape you at anytime if you are in the public domain. This means that you have no right to privacy if you are out in public.

If your claim has been denied because of disability video surveillance you need to hire an attorney that is skilled in demonstrating that the video surveillance has no relevancy to the requirements of working any job for 8 hours per a day.

There are numerous defenses and arguments that can be made in response to a disability company’s position that you are no longer disabled due to your activities on video.

Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer suggest that you take the following actions if you suspect video surveillance or are notified that your disability insurance company has conducted video surveillance:

  1. Call police if there is any suspicious activity;
  2. Ask the disability insurance company to send you a copy of any video surveillance, including all written reports;
  3. Ask the disability insurance company to send copies of your video surveillance to your treating physician and ask your treating physician to comment on whether the activities in the video are inconsistent with your medical condition;
  4. If a private investigator comes to interview you, before you answer any questions ask if they have conducted any video surveillance. The investigator will try to catch you in a lie and then show you the video surveillance latter.

To learn more about video surveillance check out Episode 2 from our Disability Insurance Law TV: Disability insurance companies love video surveillance or a recent investigation conducted by ABC’s Good Morning America.

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  • I summited a request for LOA on May 19 2015 along with my Doctors reports, it was received and approved within a week. I made phone calls daily to Sedgwick to keep them informed as well as myself.

    I would continue to be told that my information was not received or that the Doctors reports did not fully fax thru and that I had limited time to have their request filled. This continued for about a month and a half.

    At this point they finally approve approx. 3 days pays and sent it to corporate.

    I continued to contact them on a regular basis, and continued to get the same run around for at least another 3 weeks, With many more phone from myself to Sedgwick and many heated conversations, they finally agreed to send what they called a two week pay check for the pay period of July 10th thru July 24th which I received on July 30th 2015. Which was the last pay I have received !

    I have COPD, complicated by chronic bronchitis and asthma. I also have GERD and High Blood pressure, Anxiety,Gout,Oral thrush and Carpel tunnel in both wrist.
    I have been to the Hospital twice, since my request with pneumonia. I informed Sedgwick of these things and Hospital visit and Fax the reports. I then would call the day after with conf. number and they would tell me they never received the reports or that there fax system was down and please resend it. This would give them another 48 hours to review and consider their options. After waiting the 48 hours I would call and ask for their response, at this point Sedgwick would inform me that I would need to have more specific information, and only give me a small frame of time to obtain it.

    My Doctor would repetitively fax the information they would request and again they would have problems with receiving all the documentations or their fax be down once again.

    They would continue to deny my STD and informed me that I had exhausted my leave and would have to Appeal their decision.

    They told me to write on a piece of paper that I Appeal their decision and fax it with the documentation from the Doctor within their time limit.
    I did as instructed and once again was informed that they did not receive all the information and I would have to resend it all again, which I did. (DIRTY TRICK) They then again denied my STD and informed me that I had exhausted my right and if I wanted to pursue it I would have to take it to CIVIL court !


    The whole time that I spoke with these people, I would be reminded that they where only following WAL-MARTS Guide lines for MY BENIFIT ! BENIFIT MY A$* ! More like profit from my investment of STD to secure their well being !!

    Jeff B.Jan 12, 2016  #1

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