• Beware of Hired Gun Doctors in Disability Insurance Claims (Ep. 23)

Beware of hired gun doctors in disability insurance claims

In this video former Montana Insurance Commissioner John Morrison discusses that the fact that disability insurance companies will use hired gun doctors to wrongfully deny disability insurance claims. Additionally, you will hear a view in defense of hired insurance company doctors from a representative of a pro-insurance lobby organization.

As disability insurance attorneys that only represent claimants, we find it comical that the insurance company representative describes insurance company doctors as “compassionate”.

Additionally, you will learn that disability companies can often get away with using hired gun doctors if the claimant’s disability policy contains a discretionary clause. This video is an excerpt from a Good Morning America story discussing long-term disability insurance claims.

It is always a great thing for disability insurance claimants when a national news story discusses the wrongful and unreasonable practices of a disability insurance company.

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