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Another Cigna Hired Gun Doctor To Be Exposed!

Utah Court Wants To Know Relationship Between Dr. Carol Flippen and Cigna Life Insurance

Cigna Insurance company may try to run but they can’t hide.

In a very interesting Cigna life insurance claim denial lawsuit filed in a Utah Federal court, the Court has ordered Cigna to answer interrogatories detailing how many claims Dr. Carol Flippen has approved or denied when hired by Cigna.

This is a great victory for Cigna life insurance and disability insurance policy holders as it will expose the relationship between Cigna and a doctor that they routinely use.

We regularly discuss the use of hired gun doctors by insurance companies. Unfortunately these hired doctors became too comfortable with the insurance company paychecks and tend to have pro-insurance company opinions.

In this Cigna Life Insurance claim, Cigna attempted to argue that it would be burdensome and to difficult to determine how many claims were approved or denied based upon Dr. Flippen’s opinions.

The Utah judge felt that the Plaintiff’s need for this information outweighed the burden placed on Cigna.

It would likely be easy for Dr. Flippen to review all of the cases she was paid by Cigna and then pull each of her opinions in those cases. We will not be surprised if the majority of the opinions favor Cigna more than the claimant.

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