Anesthesiologist Loses Disability Insurance Lawsuit Against Sun Life Assurance Company in Pennsylvania Federal Court

On September 16, 2013, a Pennsylvania Federal Judge ruled that Sun Life Assurance Company was correct in denying long term disability insurance benefits to an Anesthesiologist claiming disability due to headaches and abnormal finding on Brain MRI. No portion of this disability claim was handled by Attorney Dell & Schaefer. The doctor in this case claimed that he was disabled as of December 11, 2007 when he resigned from his employment. The reason that this doctor lost his case was that the medical documentation he had obtained prior to filing for disability was not strong. Disability insurance companies require disability claimants to satisfy a high threshold when seeking disability benefits.

Why did an Anesthesiologist Loose His Sun Life Disability Claim?

A close review of the legal opinion issued by the Pennsylvania Federal Court reveals that this claimant’s own doctors were reporting that he could still work. Sun Life hired multiple doctors to exam the claimant and had the file reviewed by other doctors in support of their disability denial. The claimant’s ex wife rendered opinions to the disability company that he should be able work and his medical condition has not changed in years. The claimant in this case was represented by an attorney, but it is unknown if the claimant’s attorney had any expertise in handling disability insurance claims.

As practical point, if this doctor truly could not perform his occupation, then he should have obtained significantly better medical support prior to filing his disability claim. Had he done so, it is likely that he may have been approved for disability benefits. A complete copy of the Federal Court Opinion in the disability lawsuit against Sun Life can be viewed by clicking here.

If you are considering filing for disability benefits or your disability claim has been denied, then contact our disability insurance lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your potential claim.

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