Client Review From Emily H. (Massachusetts)

Rachel and team were professional, knowledgeable and competent in helping me with my disability insurance claim denial. I would not have been able to do this work myself successfully.  I had an illness best known as Chronic Lyme (I have more issues than that but that’s what I understood my diagnosis to be at the time of claim denial). This is a complex illness that is plagued with faulty testing, delayed diagnosis, inconsistent prognosis/ treatment outcomes, and vague (deniable) symptoms.

Advances in the disease‚Äôs treatment have stalled for decades due to financial & reputational conflicts of interest that exist across the healthcare/ insurance / government industries. It is a major thing to go against, and a very complex & constantly evolving issue, and Rachel was very familiar with all the chronic Lyme ‘inside baseball.’ Not many people want to get involved with anything Chronic Lyme-related if they have a choice. Finding an attorney that has expertise in this area is a rare find, and I can attest to the fact that Rachel meets this hard-to-find criteria and delivered results well beyond what I could have achieved without her.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer (Rachel specifically, though I also communicated with Greg and others at their office and everyone was courteous, professional, and competent). They have an effective and efficient process down pat. Disability insurance claim denial is a very stressful thing for anyone to encounter, let alone while you are sick and scared for your future and trying to focus on getting better. Believe me, a sick individual is no match for a big insurance company that has decided to deny your claim. They are professionals in what they do. You need to hire someone who is professional at challenging them. Rachel is a pro!

What could we do to improve?

I wanted more “hand holding” in the beginning (ie more proactive communication / expectations management), and wanted to see draft of my appeal letter earlier than I did. But to be fair they were always promptly responsive and attentive and met every deadline and delivered results, and some of my worry in this area was because I was terrified and sick and stressed and this was of major importance in my life, not because the communication was inadequate. Still, this is how I imagine most clients in this situation would feel, so this is feedback worth considering.