Client Review From Diana B. (Indiana)

Alex was very compassionate and professional in handling my case. Losing my disability caused extreme financial hardship and took a toll on my emotional health. Struggling with MS every day is a challenge, but Alex helped me greatly and was able to get my benefits reinstated as well as later he was able to get a lump sum settlement.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

They are caring, compassionate and will fight to protect you. I always felt well supported and trusted Alex to fight hard to get my disability benefits. I wish I would have had an attorney like Alex from the very beginning of my disability claim. I was always harassed on a monthly basis from the insurance company with needing constant forms completed and also constant stupid questions like “what do you do in a typical day?” One time they even asked me if I walked my sister’s dog. The constant harassment took away from me being able to focus on my health. MS is a constant battle. If you have a chronic, incurable illness you need an attorney like Alex to fight to protect you. This way you can focus on getting better.

What could we do to improve?

You did everything perfectly. I always trusted you, and I wish I would have hired you from the first day that I was diagnosed with MS.