A New Bait and Switch Tactic by Unum Disability Insurance Company

Unum reached a new low today which displays absolute disregard for the rights of a UNUM insured. Our law firm advised Unum in a January 16, 2016 letter that we would be sending a videographer to record the Orthopedic Compulsory (Independent!) Medical Examination requested by UNUM. On January 18, 2016 Unum sent us a letter stating that they scheduled a videographer and that UNUM would pay for the videographer. Unum also advised that we would receive a copy of the “video evaluation”. We called Unum the day before the examination and confirmed the presence of the videographer. Our client showed up for the Exam and the videographer advised our client that he was instructed by UNUM to leave the lens cap on the video camera and only record sound. We had an agreement that this exam would be videotaped and at no time were we advised that this was only going to be audio recorded. It is extremely disappointing that UNUM manipulated our client’s effort to preserve the validity of the Compulsory exam. It is a shame that UNUM cannot be trusted with the simple task of allegedly hiring an independent videographer.

All UNUM claimants should be on notice of this new claims handling technique of UNUM so that this never happens again. We have requested an original apology letter signed with blue ink by the CEO of UNUM and a written explanation as to why the videographer was told to audio record only. This act by UNUM is reckless and could subject them to bad faith penalties if benefits are denied to our client. Luckily for UNUM, the chances our client being denied are slim as he is significantly disabled and his claim is extremely well documented. The IME that was requested was just another attempt by UNUM to deny benefits.

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