A Liberty Life Disability Benefit Denial is Reversed after ERISA Appeal filed by Attorney Alex Palamara of Dell & Schaefer

Previously employed as an Engineer for United Technologies Corporation, Ms. W was forced to leave work due to suffering a middle cerebral artery stroke in May 2011. In addition to the complications of her stroke, Ms. W also suffered with headaches, seizures, gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, a mood disorder, depression and anxiety. Although Liberty Life initially paid long term disability benefits for a period of ten months, it decided to deny long term disability benefits beyond September 11, 2012.

Liberty Life Denies Continued Disability Benefits

In its denial letter of September 21, 2012, Liberty Life concluded that Ms. W “no longer met (the) Policy’s definition of disability beyond September 11, 2012” and closed her claim. In support of its decision, Liberty Life stated that it found that the “independent evaluation report concluded that there was no evidence to support cognitive impairment that would interfere with unrestricted functioning in (her) occupation on a full time basis, and that there was no evidence to support cognitive impairment secondary to side effects of medications.”

Within days of receiving this denial letter, Ms. W contacted Attorney Alexander Palamara at Dell and Schaefer for assistance in filing her ERISA Administrative Appeal.

Alex Palamara Files an LTD ERISA Appeal Against Liberty Lifer

After studying Ms. W’s medical documentation along with the claim file provided by Liberty Life, Attorney Alexander Palamara was able to find inconsistencies in Liberty Life’s “independent” evaluation report and its decision to deny benefits. Additionally, Ms. W and her attorney were armed with a plethora of supportive documentation from each of her treating physicians. Utilizing this information, an administrative appeal was timely filed on March 19, 2013. Within 30 days, Dell and Schaefer received a letter from Liberty Life dated April 16, 2013 which stated that Liberty Life had “completed (its) review of your request for reconsideration for Ms. W’s disability benefits, and have determined that benefits will be reinstated.” Liberty agreed with the contentions of Dell and Schaefer and reinstated Ms. W’s long term disability benefits. Soon thereafter Ms. W received all past due benefits owed to her and continues to receive her benefits each month. Alex Palamara stated, “I was really happy that we were able to get Ms. W’s long term disability benefits reinstated for her.”

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