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Seeking Disability Insurance Benefits for a Knee Disorder and Need Claim Help?

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A knee disorder can significantly limit your abilities and mobility. In addition to the limited mobility caused by a knee condition, it is the associated chronic pain and instability that makes it very difficult to perform any work duties on a continuous basis. Whether or not your disorder qualifies you to receive disability benefits depends on a great number of contributing factors. At Dell & Schaefer, our disability insurance attorneys have been working with claimants disabled by a knee condition since 1979. We have the experience it takes to review your case and advise you as to how to proceed to get the benefits you deserve. Frequently, disability insurance providers will attempt to limit benefits to just a few months or to deny them altogether, even when doing so is in contradiction with their own policies.

Fortunately for disability claimants, there are numerous objective medical tests available which can verify the existence of a knee disorder. Many disability claimants will argue that following a knee surgery a claimant should be able to return to work within a few months. This is not always true as the knee surgery was an attempt to increase mobility and eliminate pain. Most claimants with chronic knee problems obtain a reduction in symptoms, but not enough to return to work. Working versus being able to perform your normal daily activities require totally different skills. Disability carriers will also try to argue that a person with a desk job cannot be disabled by a knee conditions. This is simply not true and we deal with this argument on a regular basis. Our attorneys work closely with your treating doctors to obtain the required medical information necessary to prove your claim for short or long term disability benefits.

Our Disability Attorneys Understand Knee Disorders

Knee pain is a very common complaint, and can be caused by a wide variety of underlying issues. An accurate diagnosis from your doctor is necessary in order to give you an understanding of your level of disability as well as to get you the appropriate treatment.

The most common causes of knee pain include:

Let the Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer Assist with Your Claim For Disability Benefits

Not everyone with a knee disorder will qualify to receive disability insurance benefits. If you are unsure if your limitations are severe enough, contact us now for a free initial consultation. Our team of experienced long term disability attorneys will review your case and give you an immediate opinion of your claim. You can also review our resolved cases and client testimonials to learn more about our experience and qualifications.

Resources for Disabling Knee Conditions

These sites are valuable sources of further information regarding knee pain:

We frequently update this page with news about knee disorder disability benefits and new laws that could affect your disability. Check back for new information.

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I am in need of a replacement knee according to my Orthopedic Doctor. I have short term disability insurance and long term disability insurance. Unfortunately my health insurance only covers 70% of allowable charges. I’m told I’ll probably need $10k+, which I don’t have. Can I go long term disability if I don’t do the surgery?

Attorney Greg Dell:


A major surgery such as total knee replacement is not a requirement in order to get approved for long term disability insurance. The disability carrier cannot deny you for refusing to have surgery.


I will have Knee Replacement on my right knee. Then I will have it done on my left knee when I’m strong enough to do so. Will that get me approved for total disability, so I can get long term disability from my Co.? Also – is that a Hardship to get my 401K to pay bills?

Attorney Greg Dell:


A knee replacement can certainly qualify you for total disability, but the question is for how long will the disability company pay you. In order to really understand your chances of getting paid long term disability benefits we would have to review your disability policy and then gain an understanding of your occupational skills. With regard your 401k, you need to be careful taking any money from the 401k as it may offset your long term disability payments.


I have runner’s knee in both my knees and I have done everything the doctor has asked of me. My knees are just getting worst. My doctor told me no kneeling or squatting. I’m a certified nursing assistant and kneeling and squatting is part of my job. Also when sitting I’m supposed to keep my legs up and out, not bent. I don’t know any job that will let me sit kicked back. Would I be able to get social security benefits?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


You would have to contact a Social Security attorney in order to determine potential eligibility for SSDI benefits. I would also suggest that you find out if you are covered under an employer provided group disability policy.


I have had Osgood Schlatter’s disease in both knees since I was young. I am now in my 40′s and still have knee pain. My doctor has even suggested surgery. I work in the shipping, receiving and warehousing industry. Would my condition qualify me for any LTD benefits?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your medical condition is preventing you from working then you would have a basis for filing a claim for LTD benefits under an employer policy. However, as a disclaimer, please not that although your knee problem could justify the filing of a disability claim, that does not necessarily mean the insurance carrier will determine you are disabled.

Julie Richey:

I’ve been a cashier for 3 months part time as in 25-33 hours a week because of back problems. I can’t lift anything because it makes me limp as it will press on nerves. I chose the cashier position because I don’t have to do much for very long. My background has been restaurant management and nothing sedentary. Now, I developed knee issues past and present, just had arthroscopic knee surgery for torn meniscus. They ended up with a lateral meniscectomy, abrasion chondroplasty of the lateral femoral condyle, Synovectomy of the medial and lateral compartments, resection of plica, lateral release and removal of loose bodies. It’s 4 weeks and I can’t walk yet with swelling due to arthritis under my kneecap. I have a GED and I’m nearly 49 years old. Should I wait and see what happens? I was also told awhile back I could have a spinal fusion to possibly help my back but didn’t, sitting is very irritating to my back. I have L3, L4, S1 issues and can’t do therapy with it.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I am unsure as to how to assist you with your inquiry. First and foremost, do you have an employer provided short and/or long term disability policy? Also, if you have only been working for the company for 3 months there could be an issue with regards to pre-existing conditions, and if you are only part time you may not be eligible for coverage (some policies require you be full time). If you don’t have a private or group disability policy your only option would be to explore filing for SSDI benefits.


I have been dealing with chronic knee pain. I get a small disability check from VA for what they consider 10% disability (that was at the time of the injury in 1997). I was recently told I have stage 4 arthritis in my knee and will need knee replacement before 5 years or I will not be walking by a sports doctor.

My question: should I go back to VA and file for a higher disability claim or should I get an attorney and file a disability claim through SS? I am working right now; however every time I stand up my knee locks and when I walk for any length of time I end up limping because of the pain. I sometimes do not even realise I am limping until my daughter or husband points it out. I try very hard to not think about the pain and just get through the day, but it seems to be getting worse and I just need to know what options I should start taking.

Thank you for your time.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately we do not handle claims for VA or SSDI benefits. You will have to consult with an attorney who handles VA and SSDI claims.


I had ACL reconstructionJuly 9 2013. My employer’s short term disability policy deny payment of disability after August 20 stating that according to their doctors I should have been able to return to work. No, my job is not involved physical labor; I am on my feet some of the hospital chaplain driving walking steps walking in buildings etceteras. In addition I had complications with swelling and bleeding in surgery so they had to keep me a couple days in the hospital to prevent me from losing my leg. I had massive swelling in hematomas in my leg. The preventing therapy made it difficult for the first month. At their request we have sent all operating room doctor notes in therapy notes to document the need for further time off. However, 40 days to return to work seems very optimistic under even the best of circumstances with this surgery. Am I wrong about that my senses they want to continue to deny payment? I returned to work October 14. What are my options here?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you returned to work, your options might be limited. Under your policy a return to work for any period of time might end your disability claim. Additionally, from a practical standpoint, the carrier will certainly take a “we were right” approach as to your ability to work. Your only options appear to be to file an appeal of the denial in an attempt to obtain unpaid benefits from August 20 to October 14; and then if you are unable to work going forward, to file a new claim for benefits.

Leslie Collins:

Hi, I had a ‘scopy done on my right knee. I haven’t been able to work for two months. My knee still swells and hurts a lot. Can I get disability?


I am scheduled to have total knee replacement surgery on January 8, which is nine days after I retire from my job. I am no longer able to function and work so I have opted to retired. Can I received short term state disability (which I have paid into for years) after my TKR if I am retired?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you have a disability insurance policy I would suggest you make a claim for benefits.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


We do not handle state disability claims, so I am not sure as to what rights you would have to collect same.


I was in a motorcycle accident 8 years ago. Since then a large spot in my knee has died. My ortho has done shots, scopes x4, donor cartilage, and plugs. I have been recently laid off and now they are cutting unemployment benefits. I’ve been trying to look for employment and I think that my knee is hindering me from getting a job. I can’t stand all day so that limits the type of work I can get. I do want to find a job but it’s hard. I’m thinking of disability. I live in Michigan. I have 2 questions. Is it possible to get disability and if I do in fact get it can I still look for employment and cancel it when I do find one?

Attorney Greg Dell:


If you have work credits from the past five years, then you can apply for SSDI. You can still look for employment and cancel SSDI if you get a job that pays you more than $900 a month.

Patricia Roberts:

I have degerative bone disease and need help. I don’t have insurance and the free doctors just didn’t put enough effort into my medical file. I have almost lost all control of the right knee and now it’s in the left one. They have denied my claim 4 times now. How do I find a doctor that will work with me and help me get the disability that I need and before my bones start to break?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately, there is no clear cut way to find a doctor who will be willing to support a claim for disability.



I have bi-lateral knee issues and lower back problem. I filled and received SS Disability. I’m going to have partial replacement. Will this disqualify me for SS Disability afterwards? I’m 58 and worked a strenuous job and left on early retirement.


Attorney Stephen Jessup:


You will need to consult with a Social Security attorney as to your potential qualifications for SSDI.


I have had 3 pins in my knee since I was 15 years old. I’m 34 now. And it’s getting harder for me to bend an walk to do my job. I was wondering do I apply for social security benefits?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you do not have any type of private or employer provided disability insurance coverage, then SSDI might be your only option.


I have three torn ligaments in my leg. I am constantly in pain, some days better than others. But I have very limited mobility. I really don’t want surgery, [coward] I’m 57 and work as a conductor for the NYCTA. I hear stories of how hard it is to get SS disability. I just want to know if this injury would qualify for them.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


You will need to consult with a Social Security attorney in order to best ascertain your chances for receiving SSDI benefits. In the alternative I would also suggest you find out if your employer offers any type of disability insurance coverage.

Denice Dameron:

Hi, I had my first partial knee replacement on Jan 20th for my right knee, I will being seeing the doc Friday and we should be scheduling for my left knee. I am not receiving any pay from my employer. Money is getting tight and I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Can I apply for disability pay until I get back to work?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you have a disability policy that you have coverage under, then it would definitely be advisable to try to secure benefits under it.

Denice Dameron:

Hello, I don’t have a policy through work at all. That is why I’m trying to ask if I can apply for SS disability? Or what other options would I have?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


In that case, Social Security disability may be your only option.


Im 34 years old and I have cronic knee pain. My knees grind all the time. My orthopedic told me with in 5 years I would need a total knee replacement and not long after that my left knee will be next. I also suffer from lower back pain and a neuroligist has digonised me with cronic fybromyalgia. My regular physician told me there was no way for me to work a 40 hour a week job. I have worked since I was 15 and now I haven’t been able to find a job that I can work without being in cronic pain. I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time because of the stiffness and my doctor said it’s just going to get worse. Also my knees have started to deteriorate so bad that my both of my knee caps have moved to the left side on both legs. Can I apply for disiability for this?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you are not currently working and covered under an employer provided or private disability insurance policy, your only option for potential disability benefits would be Social Security. You will need to consult with a Social Security attorney to determine your eligibility and chance for securing same.

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