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Eye Problems Resulting in Disability Insurance Claim

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Eye and Visual Disorder Disability Insurance Benefit & Claim Information

The disability insurance lawyers at Dell & Schaefer are experienced in representing clients whose eye disease or disorder caused them to miss work, or become unable to work. We understand how significantly eye disease limits your abilities to earn a living. In many cases a claimant’s eye condition is a chronic degenerative condition. Disability companies will often argue that a person has been working with their vision limitation and therefore should be able to continue working. We often deal with the argument of what legally blind means in order for a person to be considered presumptively disabled. The disability company will also make unreasonable arguments about accommodations that should be made in order for the claimant to continue working with limited vision. In order to give you the best chance of collecting shor tor long term disability benefits, we work closely with your treating physicians and medical professionals who are experts in the their fields.

Call us for a free initial consultation to discuss your disability claim. One of our lawyers will speak with you immediately.

Our Disability Lawyers Have Helped Hundreds of Claimants with Disabling Eye Conditions

There are more than 40 different eye diseases that can cause a person to have significant vision limitations. Vision limitations are often associated with other medical conditions which could be caused by a stroke, seizure, brain injury, neurological disorder, or vestibular disorder. Through our years of experience we have had the opportunity to work closely and learn from the countries best ophthalmologist. Our clients received the benefit of our detailed medical and legal knowledge. This knowledge is necessary in order for us to help present your case in the strongest manner possible. Once we get involved with your claim, our lawyers will analyze all of the records and provide advice as to what it will take in order for your claim to have the best chance of approval.

What to Do When You Need Help Dealing with Your Disability Insurance Claim

Contact the disability insurance attorneys at Dell & Schaefer today. We work with people every day who are not receiving satisfactory results from their disability insurance companies. We will review your disability policy and let your know immediately if we can assist you. Please review the resolved cases and testimonials section of our site to learn more about how we can help you.

Resources for Eye Disease

There are many valuable sources of eye disease information available. You can also acecss resources over the internet such as:

There are numerous charities dedicated to eye disease research, detection and treatment including:

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Hello, I have had low vision since birth (lets say 20/200 in both eyes after correction). A combination of cataracts and aniridia. I don’t consider either “degenerative”. I have managed a reasonably successful career. What, if anything, could I look for in a disability insurance policy that would cover me in case my eyes were to worsen from some other disease, glaucoma for example? I am 47. Is this possible, or would this be too nuanced for the insurer re “preexisting conditions”?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


With respect to purchasing a private disability insurance policy, you will need to consult with an agent to determine what your options would be in purchasing a policy that would suit your needs.


I was diagnosed with Fuchs Dystrophy in January. This cornea disease affects both my eyes and my right eye is worse than my left. It only affects 1% of people. I am trying to find out if I would qualify for long term disability which I have at my job or SSI disability.

Thank you.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you are covered under your employer’s disability plan and there are no concerns as it relates to a pre-existing condition, then you would be eligible for benefits. That being said, eligibility for benefits and the benefit being approved are two separate matters. Without understanding the language in your policy, your medical records or the duties of your occupation it would be hard to provide any opinion as to the likelihood of your claim being approved. Please feel free to contact are office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in filing a claim for benefits under your employer LTD policy.

Blind Eye Bandit:

I am legally blind in one eye. I can see out the other eye with corrective vision of 20/40. Some days my good eye can reach 20/30. The problem with the good eye is the extra strain that I put on it has caused severe head aches for me. My balance is off due the blindness in the left eye. The right eye now has a sharp pain in it daily. I clean with goggles on to keep the good eye protected.

I have muscular degenerative disease and myopia. I tried to apply for disability in 2004 and was turned down. As a child my mother got disability for me and wanted me to blend with the normal. I was taught to hide my blindness.

I am now unemployed after years of employment. Pre-employment physicals deter me because I DO NOT want employers to know my condition. I have tried to avoid being discriminated against. In former employment I over achieved to hide my disability. I have three years of perfect attendance. I arrived at work one hour early to hide my struggle to park towards the curb. It has been a struggle for years.

The more rest the better I feel and the right eye is able to focus more. Without vision corrections both eyes are 20/200 (legally blind). There can be no corrections with the left eye.

Is there any real help for me. I am aware of rehabilitation programs. I have had several devices to increase my vision. I have the Color coder(tells me color of my outfits), telescope lens on my glasses to read signs at a distance(do not work), talking watch, zoom text computer(talks) and other devices to stay functional. These things do not take away my struggle.

I have a driver’s license thanks to my doctor. I ONLY feel at ease driving in the day time. Evening is a struggle and I avoid it as much as possible.

Basic task are becoming hard for me. My surrounding has to be the same all the time. Are there any cases won for blindness in one eye to earn disability?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Blind Eye Bandit,

If you do not have private disability insurance coverage then your only option would be to avail yourself of Social Security disability benefits and will need to consult with an attorney specializing in same. Please feel free to contact our office and we can assist you in finding a qualified SSDI attorney.


I have fuchs dystrophy for about 15 years. Never thought it was a damaging eye issues, well not no more, it costed me a good job. Since I had to file for disability and I keep hearing everybody gets turned down at first… got doctor’s prove how bad… so I am waiting.

Will I get turned down? They just owe more backpay…

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact us should your insurance carrier deny your claim for benefits.

Alex Marroquin Jr:

I am legally blind in my right eye since birth. I have 20/20 in my left eye and worst than 20/200. I have had numerous eye surgeries and wore glasses when I was young. I was born with what doctors call Dwayne’s Disease. Meaning I can’t make out what I am seeing out of my right eye, also have lazy eye. I have a job, but due to my vision I can not drive out of Texas with my CDL, so I had to let it go. It costs to much for vision waivers and Medical cards. Can I get some kind of benefits to help me with my income?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you do not have private disability insurance coverage your only option may be to apply for social security disability benefits (if you meet the requirements).

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